Friends of the Wingecarribee Animal Shelter
ABN 68 113 268 537 - CFN 18658

Mission Statement

To connect with the community, volunteers, retailers, Wingecarribee Animal Shelter (WAS), Wingecarribee Shire Council (WSC), in benefitting the welfare of our animals prior to re-homing at the animal shelter.

Our Aims

To benefit the welfare of animals prior to re-homing and to assist management to maintain a minimal euthanasia policy.
We do this by helping provide a safe and caring environment at the Wingecarribee Animal Shelter, through the up-grading of facilities, provision of extra veterinary care and catering to specific dietary needs, weekly dog training sessions and enrichment toys.

To assist with strategies for re-homing.
This is done by advertising individual animals on a monthly poster, distributed throughout the Southern Highlands, social media and radio. 

The above two aims greatly contribute to the successful adoption rates that our animal shelter receives.

If you would like to volunteer with FOWAS please Contact Us

Our History

The ‘Friends’ have been involved with the Shelter for the last 13 years, raising funds for abandoned and surrendered dogs and cats. Our aims are to continue to assist with strategies for the successful re-homing of animals at the Shelter. The average number of animals re-homed each year is 385.

We support and assist the Shelter management to continue to maintain a minimal euthanasia policy.

Our 100 registered Members who collect, deliver and pick-up donations through the generosity of the local community. We continue to care and provide the best we can for abandoned and stray animals. Rehabilitation is an important element for our dogs and cats, so they can gain confidence and trust in the human race again.

Every dollar raised through raffles, fund-raising projects and monthly collections of our 100 FOWAS donation tins collected from local retailers supports the Shelter. Through the generosity of the local community, dog and cat supplies are donated to local food drop off points and collected by volunteers.

We purchase special food for animals with dietary needs, pay for elective surgeries and many ‘extras’ such as paddle pools, shade cloth, beds, enrichment toys and other pet requirements which improves the quality of life for all animals and ultimately assists in their re-homing.

Our Committee Members 2018/19

Deborah Barnes

Phone 0400 431 821

Nicky Van Der Sander


Michele Martin


For information about Wingecarribee Animal Shelter visit their website.