Our New Friends raita-k Gin is approximately 10 to 12 weeks old. She found her way to the shelter with her brother Tonic and her mother Gimlet. 

Gin has been socialised with other cats, so may be suitable for a family who want to introduce another cat into their family. Riva is a beautiful 7 year old Bull Terrier x.
Riva is a gentle soul, she is a calm girl who loves the company of people, and seems to get on well with other dogs.
Riva is a perfect dog, and is very well behaved for the staff and volunteers at the shelter.
But poor Riva suffers from storm phobia, and she will escape any yard to try and get away from the storm.
All Riva needs is a kind and supportive family, who will help her cope with her storm phobia, and have a safe and secure place for Riva to be when there is a storm. maggie-d-sitting Hi my name is Roger, I am a big smoochy cat who loves to cuddle.

There is one thing I would like you to know about me. I am FIV positive, which means that my immune system is not as strong as your average cat. As I age, I will be more susceptible to illnesses such as flu. But if my future family keeps me indoors, keeps all my vet checks up to date and feeds me a good quality diet, I will live a long and happy life.

My illness does not change the fact that I am a lovey cat, and I am determined to find my furrever home.

Can you help me?