Our New Friends Louie is a female Calico DSH. She is 4 years old.

Staff at the shelter think I have the cutest face, as I always look grumpy, but I am actually very sweet and friendly and always up for a bit of a smooch.

Louie is looking for a quiet home where she can relax and be kept indoors to protect her pink nose from the sun Middy is a female tabby, who is approximately 2 years old. She is a very pretty girl who catches your eye as soon as you walk into the cattery - And she has a beautiful personalty to match.

Middy is friendly and is happy to be cuddled, but also happy to have some independance.

Middy has a very cute and distinctive meow and she rolls around on her back until you come up and greet her - She definitely knows how to attract your attention! Kahlua is a 6 month old Staffy x, potentially Labrador or Ridgeback.

She is a beautiful puppy, who has lots of energy and loves her training sessions with our dog trainer. Our trainer thinks she has a lot of potential, and we recommend her new owners keep up her training and socialisation.

Kahlua had a rough start to her life, and she can be a little nervous around children, but she is young enough to continue her training and socialisation with children. Kahlua is looking for a quiet family who are willing to help her work with her fears.

Kahlua walks well on the lead, and get on with other dogs, she is currently best friends with our resident Kelpie, Bandit. My name is Slim! I am an 8 month old Australian Kelpie! I am a pretty boy, who has unusual coat colouring, with red and blonde markings.

I am a friendly and happy boy, and I love to play with other dogs.

I am gentle and calm but have lots of energy, so I would love to find a family who will take me for long walks or do activities with me such as agility.

My friends at the shelter think I am very clever and learn things easily, and I love my training sessions with Michelle the dog trainer. I hope my new family will teach me new tricks and give me training on a daily basis to keep me happy and healthy!

Please call Wingecarribee Animal Shelter for more information PH: 48681520 Clause is a 4 year old English Staffordshire Terrier. He is a smoochy and cuddly boy and loves being around people and other dogs. Unfortunately English Staffys find it tough to live in shelter environments, as they form such strong bonds with their families and want to be near people all the time, for this reason, little Clause is a little stressed in the shelter, but we believe once he is in a safe secure home surrounded by people, or other dogs, he will be able to relax. Clause is looking for someone who will be home with him a lot of the time, or even where he will have another canine companion to keep him company. Clause walks very well on the lead, plays nicely with other dogs and is toilet trained. Mickey is a handsome male Greyhound, and is the brother of "Minnie" who was recently adopted from the shelter. He is almost 2 years old (in February). Mickey is a happy and playful boy.

Being a Greyhound, Mickey has thin skin and less body fat than other breeds of dogs, he finds extreme temperatures difficult. For this reason, Mickey would need to go to a home where he will be allowed inside to keep warm during winter, and cool during summer.

Adopting a Greyhound straight from the track, means that you will need to spend some time working with Mickey, so he learns how to become a companion dog. He will need to adjust to things like riding in cars, walking up stairs and socialising with smaller animals.

Greyhounds are very well known as being "Lounge Lizards", and this is very true! They love to be with their human companions on a nice comfy bed or couch, and only require a 30 minute daily walk. Mickey is very gentle on the lead, but is still learning to not zig zag in front of the handler. Mufasa is a 10 week old male, and will be available for adoption, via application only. Our application process for puppies is designed to ensure the applicants understand the extra responsibilities that come with owning a puppy, and helps determine what type of dog you are looking for, and to assist us in ensuring the right match for each animal in our care, based on their personality and requirements.

Mufasa is a Bull Arab cross (unfortuantely we do not know what theyare crossed with), so he will be a large breed dog with plenty of energy and will require their new owners to commit to their training and socialisation.

Mufusa will need some protection from the sun throughout his life due to his pink skin around his nose and eyes.

If you are interested in adopting, please visit the shelter to complete an application or contact the shelter on 4868 1520 for further information.

***NOTE*** For any enquiries about these puppies please contact the shelter via phone, as facebook messages are not regularly monitored, and you will be directed to contact the shelter via phone. bandit-d-standing