Our New Friends George is approximately 1 year and a half. He is a quiet boy and has been socialised with toher cats, so he would be suitable to go to a home with other cats

George is very sooky and loves pats. He needs some time to come out of his shell, his new owners will understand that he needs some time and slow introduction to his new home to help him settle in. Hello, my name is Little Miss.

I am a beautiful young cat who loves to smooch and snuggle.

I would like to let you know that I am a bit sensitive, as I came from a home where there were lots of children, lots of noise and another cat who was quite rough with me. My family loved me very much but understood that it would be best for me to find a quieter home.

I am a clever girl, I am litter trained and my new owners will understand that I might have an accident occasionally, and they will make sure they keep my environment stress free.

My ideal home would be quiet and calm. It would be best for me to find a home where I am the only pet in the household, and no children also. Miley is approximately 10th months old and found her way to the shelter with her sister Penny, who has found her forever home. It is now Miley's turn!

Miley is a petit cat, who is quiet but inquisitive. She gets on well with other cats if she is introduced appropriately.

Miley is a low maintenance cat, who does not need constant attention from her human companions, so she may be suitable for someone who works during they day, and is looking for some company when they get home. Indi found her way to the shelter after her dear elderly owner passed. Indi was very loved in her past home, and now she needs a new home that will continue to care for her as much as her previous owner did. Indi is a little shy at the moment while she adjusts to her new routine. Patch - is 1 year old male and is very easy going. He has been been kept indoors all of his life, so would love to be kept inside and be part of the family. He also needs to stay indoors as he has had some sensitive pink skin around his nose and ears, which can be damaged by the sun.
He comes desexed and ready to go to his new home today! Charlie is a male King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, who is 7 years old. Charlie is completely deaf, and will need to find a home that is patient and willing to learn how to communicate with him. 

He is very friendly and enjoys company of other dogs. Charlie travels well in a car and would make the perfect lap dog. 

Charlie would be suitable for a home with older children who understand that Charlie has special needs. Kara is a 5 month old Staffordshire Terrier. She is a gorgeous girl who is friendly and gets on well with other dogs. Kara would be more suitable for experienced dog owners, preferably a mature family or a family with older children. 

Kara will grow to be a medium size Staffy, so it is essential for Kara's new owners to put some time and effort into her socialisation. She would benefit from ongoing training and group classes to ensure she becomes the best dog she can be.